Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Kudos to Cheney, Part II 

Here's a question for the vigilant watchdogs of our "liberal" media. Why is it that in the Washington Post (actually AP) article I cited in the last post, it wasn't deemed significant that President Bush and Cheney were in agreement on gay marriage in 2000, and that Bush did a 180 on it? His flip-flop has been given a pass for the most part, so it's not that surprising. But note the passage below and my editing suggestions:

During the 2000 campaign, (BOTH) vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney (AND PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BUSH!!) took the position that states should decide legal issues about personal relationships and that people should be free to enter relationships of their choosing.
Is that not of paramount importance to an article that discusses the relative similarities and differences between the two men's opinions? Come ON.

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