Saturday, August 28, 2004

Joe Table, you so crazy! 

In some strange way, Pirates closer Jose Mesa is one of my favorite baseball players. He's at least one of the most amusing. I've shrewdly acquired him two or three times in my fantasy league, dodging his bad seasons and nabbing the good ones. So mostly I just like him because I feel like I've picked up on his patterns -- when he pitches well, when he gets lazy and fat, etc.

But then there's the strange things he says. Yesterday, upon learning that the Pirates had put him on waivers to see if they could trade him, Mesa said he's "not going anywhere." In a calm but firm 40-second monologue at his locker, he said if he's traded he's just going to go home. He said the Pirates were the only team to give him a chance this past winter, and so they are the only ones who can have his services now.

The logic isn't so hot, considering that if he likes the Pirates so much -- and they can benefit by trading him -- he should want the team to do that. But it sure was funny. Add to that his nail-biting style of closing out games and his threatening to kill former Indians teammate Omar Vizquel back in March, and you've got a pretty bizarre and entertaining package.

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