Thursday, July 22, 2004

I Hate the 90's Commentators 

These "I Love the 90's" shows are good for a chuckle.  I'm watching 1991 right now.  But what's up with some of the people commenting on the goings on?  I know Mo Rocca and Michael Ian Black.  And cameos by pop icons like David Lee Roth and Dee Snider fit right in.  But some of these bungholes...who the hell are they?  Comedian Bill Dwyer?  Actor/Comedian "Godfrey"?Maybe I just don't know the things that they've been in.  But is this the best that VH-1 can do?  Who says Petros Papadakis is a pop culture expert?  Who the hell is Petros Papadakis?  Is he friends with George Papadopoulus, the Dad from "Webster"?

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