Saturday, July 17, 2004

How's that? 

Along the same lines as the Clear Channel post...Whoopi gets canned by Slim-Fast for making a crack about the President, while K-Mart can't say enough nice things about its favorite product distributor, the newly convicted felon Martha Stewart.

So what's going on here? Maybe it is just money. Martha brings in a ton and is worth the trouble; Whoopi is replaceable and not worth it if even a few morons are pissed off. If that's the way it is, what message is K-Mart sending to kids? It's not OK for comedians to criticize the President. But it is OK to lie and break the law as long as you're doing it to make more money and provide us with more excellent bath towels.

And if, as some say, these situations are simply dictated by the number of pissed-off customers, then how hypocritical is it that all these Slim-Fast customers (allegedly) bitched about Whoopi bashing Bush (the "values" guy) yet they're OK with Martha? Then again I guess it makes sense, really, since both Bush and Martha check their "values" at the Boardroom door.

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